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Six marketing skills every business needs in 2016
The continual rise of digital marketing means companies need to stay ahead of the online curve

There are six key marketing skills every modern business needs in 2016, and now is the time to ensure your employees possess them.

Marketing is a continually evolving business discipline that requires a very specific set of skills. The continuing rise of digital marketing, along with the growing influence of social media, means 21st century businesses have to stay ahead of the game when it comes to recruitment and employee development.

1. Customer relationship management (CRM) skills

The employees in your organisation need to possess modern CRM skills simply to keep up with the competition. CRM in the 21st century involves a range of very different skills, including programming, database development, networking and the effective use of telecommunications. This element of business is crucial to keeping customers satisfied and loyal, which is why your organisation simply can’t afford to be deficient in the relevant skills.

2. Knowledge of web technologies

A growing number of consumers are turning to online resources in order to find products and services, or to look for recommendations and reviews. Whether your business uses a website, a mobile app or a strong presence on social media, your team needs to possess the necessary skills to use these channels effectively.

The user experience online is a crucial element of marketing. Your products or services need to be accessible, described accurately and portrayed in the best possible light. This requires skills in everything from programming to copywriting.

3. Communication

In many ways, marketing is a synonym for communication. Marketing is all about getting your message across to your target audience in a way that engages and informs. If your employees don’t possess the communication skills needed to portray your services or products in a concise and eloquent way, you will struggle to win the trust of customers.

Communication is a prerequisite for success in marketing, which is why Dale Carnegie Training offers the ‘Effective Communications & Human Relations/Skills for Success’ course. This professional training has the ultimate aim of helping marketing professionals to improve their interpersonal relationships and become more persuasive communicators.

4. The ability to identify the benefits of a product

You might be very proud of how your product is made, or of the processes that allow you to deliver the excellent services you offer. Unfortunately, this counts for very little with the average consumer. The priority for your average customer is the benefits you are providing.

The ability to strip away technical details and information concerning the features of a product or service is crucial to the delivery of effective marketing campaigns. It is crucial that you let your potential customers know how your product can enhance their life or improve their business.

5. Networking

Perhaps the most powerful marketing weapon of all is ‘word of mouth’. By striking up professional relationships, and friendships where appropriate, you can build a level of trust and loyalty among your client base that just isn’t possible through the written word. The ability to influence others and foster a spirit of mutual trust is crucial to successful networking.

6. Data analysis skills

Extrapolating a mountain of data into concise, logical trends and useful information can be tough. By using the statistics and huge amounts of raw data that are now available in the digital age, your company can hone its marketing strategies, and make them more cost-effective than ever.

If you feel that your organisation lacks these vital marketing skills, search the Jivjav online marketplace for professional training courses today. There are thousands of courses available to book in just minutes. Utilising the Jivjav platform for all your training needs allows you to further your business interests and progress the development of your employees easily and cost effectively.

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